How To Get A Flat Stomach Without Abs

You Might Also Like How to Run for a Flat Step 3 Be selective with your beverages. Any beverage that has sugar and calories can add pounds to your stomach, and you should avoid them. Fruit drinks, sugar-sweetened teas, flavored coffee drinks, milk shakes, soda and alcohol are all examples of these. Drink water instead as it helps keep you hydrated and if you drink a glass of it before your go here now meals, it can help fill you up. Step 4 Eat more often to prevent overeating. When you eat a small, balanced meal every two to three hours throughout the day, you can have sustained energy levels, you will eat less food, you will feel satisfied and your metabolism will get a nice lift. Make your meals a combination of protein and complex carbs. A lean beef patty with lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat bun is a midday meal example. Step 5 Do calorie-burning exercise.


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